Highlight in München TS British Nicole / Nicolly Araujo - Tel. 0151-71874903

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    • Nasty schrieb:

      ... und wird in GB in verschiedenen Foren unter ihrem Namen Bristish Nicole positiv bewertet.
      LOL, das ist wohl ein Gerücht. Ich finde eigentlich nur negative Kommentare:

      "Wasn't overly impressed tbh, again definitely not 10" but well endowed. But she just didn't seem into it at all, not particularly interested in
      what she was doing. Very hot bodywise but could have done without the stubble in places ! I haven't been back and don't plan to. She is versatile though, just seemed a bit cold"

      "Visited this girl in London last week and it was one of the worst experiences I've had in 27 years as a punter."

      "best to avoid."

      "Well that was some shitty exerience - but I have had worse (Like getting threatened by a truck driver dressed as a woman after being lured in by
      a pretty TS - this in the pre-internet advertising days) "She" was English. But I say it does NOT prove that all Brazilians are bad - but the worst are."
    • @goodyear ... *lachweg* klar kann man sich überall das Negative rauspicken und ich denke, dass es kaum eine TS gibt, über welche auch nicht schonmal irgendwo negativ berichtet wurde.

      Egal ob es Größen wie Caprice, Cristal aus Kolumbien oder andere Namen sind - man wird, wenn man lange genug sucht, sicher etwas Negatives finden.
      DAS dann noch nett aus dem Kontext gerissen und in kurzen Auszügen zum gewünschten persönlichen Gesamtbild hier in Forum gepackt, erzeugt ein wahrlich negatives Bild.

      Zurück zu den postivien Dingen und da musste ich nocht nicht mal in Beiträgen aus dem Jahr 2011 suchen - sondern dieser ist aus 2017:

      It'd been just over 2 months since my last "punt" and I was doing my usual search on BP and i was shocked to see that Ts Nicolly Araujo was visiting Preston. I thought this must be a mistake because Preston doesn't really get that many touring girls. I sent a text message to her asking if she was really visiting Preston. Didn't expect a reply, sat there checking my phone every minute and to my surprise I got a reply saying "yes for 1 week" I called her up straight away to make sure she didn't block me because I was texting her. Nicolly answered the phone with a very polite voice with good English, I was told me the rates and told me she would text me the postcode. I tried doing some research on HA but with no recent reviews I decided to take the "plunge" one again. I arrived at her apartment just outside the city centre, not far from the fisher gate shopping mall, there was parking available and I was just as nervous as my first time. I called Nicolly and told her I was on the street. She gave me her apartment number and I went to meet her. I was greated by a tall, sexy girl. She's about 5"11 and I'm 6ft4 so it was perfect. I was takrn into the bedroom, we carried out the exchange, I paid £150 for 30 minutes. Quite expensive but it's a Christmas present for myself haha! I thought to myself in the car I'd try something new by mentioning if she had heard of HA and if she knew about any reviews on the internet. I said to her I would write a review based on the meet. I thought I'd try this just to see if it could change anything at all. I was asked if
      I would like a shower and Nicolly asked if I would like a drink, I had a beer to calm my nerves. She could tell I was nervous and told me to not to worry baby, her English is superb, no problems all with any conversation. I returned from the shower, Nicolly was sat on the edge of the bed facing away from me, she stood up and I couldn't believe my eyes. Her cock was hanging out of her underwear, It was absolutely huge! She told me to get to me knees and put it in my mouth, It was nearly too big to put in my mouth but I gave it a good go, Nicolly returned the favour to me after 10 minutes of me giving her monster cock a good seeing to. Nicolly's ass is also HUGE, definitely for the guys that love a big booty, I asked if she was more top or bottom and she answered top, I didn't go there to get fucked but I thought I'd give it a go, I joked with Nicolly and said I'll let you fuck me if I can fuck first. I asked if she'd be gentle. She laughed and said yes. She has got some booty, I fucked her doggy so I could grab hold of that big ass, disappointedly I couldn't contain my excitement and I got lost in the moment haha! However because I had time left I thought I'd be cheeky and asked if she wanted to still fuck me, she gave me a cheeky smile and said yes. I was in absolute agony considering it was my second time and it's easily 9"-10". I've never felt pain like it but after a while it started to feel slightly good, I don't think being bottom is gonna work out for me after 2 attempts, I asked her if she could cum for me, she said £50 extra. When I had her inside me I said yes lost in the moment, she fucked me good and proper. I had to ask her to stop a few times but it was an experience and a half. If you're bottom or more experienced than me you'll love it guys. She pulled out, removed her condom and fired a massive load all over my chest. I was offered another shower, I took this up and returned back to the room. Nicolly seems a very intelligent and polite girl which I was surprised about after reading many reviews about Brazilian girls that can sometime have an attitude, she was telling me she is now a British citizen but doesn't tour as much anymore because she's opened a hair salon in London. I kissed her goodbye and left. I was out after 45 mins because of our conversation at the end. Excellent professional. Very clean and safe. Would highly recommend guys whilst you get the chance. She's off to Newcastle on Sunday next!


      „Der Clown bin nicht ich, sondern diese monströs zynische und unbewusst naive Gesellschaft, die eine ernste Miene aufsetzt, um ihren Wahnsinn zu verbergen.“

      (Salvador Dalí)

      Und für gute Laune ... MAXIMA-FM (en directo)
    • @ Nasty, diesen Bericht kenne ich auch.
      Das war auch der ausschlaggebende Punkt bei ihr aufzuschlagen.

      Was der gute Mann da als Monsterteil und fast zu groß für den Mund bezeichnet ist mir rätzelhaft.
      Nun gut wenn man einen Kindermund hat dann kann er schon zu groß sein und eine Riesenteil aus der Unterwäsche hängend, dann kann er nur was mit den Augen haben.
      Oder die Briten haben andere Maße. Ach ja haben die ja auch da geht es nicht um cm. sondern inch.

      Es kann sich aber auch um einen Fakebericht handeln.
      Egal, ich hatte ein scheiß Erlebnis, dass ändert daran auch nichts.
      Was mich am allermeisten stört, ist diese elende Fakeanzeige und man kann nichts dagegen machen.
      Ich sage nur schnell, schnell vergessen und gut ist.

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